Botox Training for Physicians

Botox Training for Physicians
Botox Training for Physicians

The area of cosmetic surgery has skyrocketed as Dermatologists began using micro abrasion methods for acne in the 1990’s. Lasers, Collagen, and the use of Botox have all become popular non evasive procedures to help individuals to look their very best.

The focus of Botox training for physician’s lies in demonstrating to the students how they can learn which wrinkles may be improved as well as learning specific injection techniques as well as effective treatments. The times have changed and what was once the preserve of plastic surgeons and dermatologists has now allowed trained physicians to offer Botox and other similar cosmetic procedures to patients. The main reason for this sea of change may be attributed to the lucrative market that has opened up for those who can treat wrinkles and blemishes, which brings in a lot of money to the physician treating it.

It is not uncommon to find medical spas full of individuals who are not certified as a Dermatologist or a plastic surgeon. Many doctors are starting to participate in Botox training so that they may offer such procedures in their own office.

There are also many Web-based modules such as the Treating Primary Axillary Hyperhidrosis by Chemodernervation of Sweat Glands using Botox which provide the physician with a detailed look at the various processes used in the administration of Botox injections to treat excessive sweating. This module contains step-by-step overview of how to perform starch-iodine tests as well as how to properly place the injections and is designed to aid the physician in his or her preparation for even further training in using Botox for treating axillary hyperhidrosis or even for reviewing after training.

Since Botox has become very popular for other ailments including Hyperhidrosis, it is very important for doctors to have Botox training. There are many great educations programs available and many professionals from other fields are coming on board including dentists. They want to make money and they know there is a huge market out there for Botox injections.

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